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Recommendations/Resource Information on Protection Against Lassa Fever/Virus


During this current outbreak of the Lassa fever virus preventative precautions should be taken to protect healthcare providers from contamination when caring for patients. the virus is zoonotic or animal-borne (from rodents). But, once a human becomes infected any direct contact with infected persons blood, tissue, secretions or excretions can transmit the virus. The CDC & WHO recommend wearing Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) like long sleeved coveralls or gowns, gloves, face protection (face shield or mask & goggles), and shoe covers. We carry a Lassa Fever Virus Level III Pandemic PPE Kit #MPAV3 (MOD)-3 or (MOD)-4 which contains all the proper protection gear to prevent cross contamination during a pandemic. 




CDC;  LASSA Fever Fact Sheet

WHO;  LASSA Fever Fact Sheet